Different proof for current employment year

I have form-16 and payslips for all years of employment. But i don not have the form-16 for this current year 2019-20 yet. Can i show bank statement only for this year from Apr 1 2019 - Current?

Yes, that’s acceptable.
Please ensure you submit 2 different payment proofs.

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Bank Statement must have Company name in salary transaction.

Thank you. That helps

Another question along the same line.
I worked in Company A till Jan 30 2015 and Company B from Feb 2015. For financial year 2014-15 i have form 16 from Company B. So how do i divide the proof? Since, the form 16 will be included in the merged pdf for Company B. Should i attach it to the merged pdf of Company A as well? I am asking this since for that year only salary slips will be the proof for company A.