Discrepancy in i94 Admit Dates


Hey Anil ,

I hope you are doing well.

I have a i94 related question, I have never experienced this before.

Recently I got my H1b renewal visa stamped at Frankfurt.

I landed 02/05/2022 at SFO and therefore my i94 got updated but with a different Admit Until Date in i94 Record :

My Petition Expiration Date in Stamp and i797 : April 16th, 2025

My Visa Expiration Date in Stamp : Dec 18th 2024

My i94 date online : April 26th, 2024

My i94 date in i797 : April 16th, 2025

My Passport Expiring : Year 2029

Do you think if I should ask/other CBP officer while entering US in the future ?

Looking forward to your reply.

You can try getting it corrected to 2025 date.

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