Do I have to enroll in the Master’s Course which is relevant to ANSZO 263111

Hi Anil, I received ACS assessment last year in October 2018 . ACS identified my skillset in “Computing” Major. with ANSZO 263111 (Computer and Network Professional).

Based that I have few points less for PR application (I am on 70 now). Now I am planning to enroll my self in an Australian University for “Master’s Degree”.

But I am a little confused and requesting one query from you. If you can help, it would be a great deal for me.

My Query is as follows:

Do I have to enroll in the Master’s Course which is relevant to ANSZO 263111 to get accessed by ACS for major in “Computing” after I complete Australian degree or it won’t matter and I will get 5 points for Australian Degree regardless of course work for PR as long as I am completing the master’s degree in Australia.

The degree should be related to your ANZSCO code as per my information.

Thanks Anil , would Masters in Cyber Security falls under 263111?

I am ok for your paid services as well, just looking for some exact guidance

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Hi @Anil.Gupta

Basically, what I am looking for is ACS has assessed me for

  1. Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication —> “Major in Computing”
  2. Master’s in Information Technology, USA --> “Major in Computing”.
  3. Cisco Certified Internet-work Expert --> “Major in Computing”.
  4. Work Exp. --> Starting 2013 (Although I started working in 2011 right after completing Master’s in 2010)
  5. My Age : 33 Years

Last assessment from ACS was Oct 2018.

Now if I go for Australian Master’s (I want to do in Cyber Security), would it nullify my past assessment? Because my Master’s will start in 2020 and will end 2021. and ACS assessment is valid until october 2020.

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