Do I need any Mexican visa to go to Mexico for US visa stamping?


I have urgent question. I am on h1 and my wife is on h4. We are leaving tomorrow to Mexico. I have expired visa stamp, valid I797, and valid paper i-94. I know AVR will let us in to US safely.

How about entering to Mexico? Will they allow me to enter to Mexico as tourist? Do I need any Mexican visa to enter there?


Hi @nitin_kumar

You need a valid US visa to enter Mexico.

Mexican visa is not required as long as you have US visa stamp. H1B i797 is not a valid document to enter Mexico.

Also, there are no strict immigration checks on Mexico side. You can pretty well just enter Mexico without ever seeing Mexico Immigration.

But, I strongly suggest to get Mexico FMM card at the time of entry in Mexico.

Everything will be fine if you get US stamp but things will quickly turn bad if a form 221g is issued and you don’t have a valid visa to enter Mexico or are missing Mexico FMM card.