Do i need to travel outside usa after my EAD is approved?

Hi Anil,

I have H4 visa valid until 2020 january. i have applied my EAD one 50 days back. still i didnt get any update. and my husband applied for his H1 extension with premum. i have couple of questions below

  1. If my EAD is approved in october month, then i will be getting validity only for 4 months or is there any chance getting more than that?
  2. if my husband h1 is extended for 2 more years, and i have extended my i94 with his valid i797 by going out of country then my EAD will be approved with latest i94 date or it will be denied as the new i94 date and the i94 submitted with i765 application dates are different?
  3. Do i need to travel outside usa after my EAD is approved?
    Please suggest, was in a confusion state.

Hi @manasa

The current H4 EAD application will be approved only for the period for which the current H1B is valid that you have submitted as proof.

USCIS does not automatically get the new H1B extention approval information or the new i94 information.

You will have to apply for H4 EAD extention once your husband’s H1B extention has been approved.

There is no need to go out of US as you will get a new i94 with H4 extention approval.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for the response.

But, i called USCIS they told me that i cant apply another EAD untill this one is approved.
And as per the current processing timelines, it may come in october or november. If i apply, H4 extension and EAD i hope there is no chance of getting before jan 2020 (my visa validity).
In that case, if i gout of country and apply EAD then it may take less time. Suggest me

Hi @manasa

I don’t understand how going out of country will help in your case.

I mean to say if i going out of country, while returning back (after my EAD approval), if i show my husband latest i797, my i94 will be extended with the latest (i got this suggestion from one of my friend, even i am not sure.)
After coming here i can directly apply EAD extension. Let me know if this will not work with my case.

Hi @manasa

Your friend is correct in the sense that you can get extended H4 i94 on the basis of your H1B i797.