Do I need to update USCIS about my new employer after my I-140 got approved

Hi Anil,
I was on H1B visa with employer “A” when I filed my i-140 but while i-140 was pending I transferred my H1B and changed my employer “A” to “B”.
Now recently my I-140 got approved but my location is the same and I have not changed my home address.

Do I need to update USCIS about my H1B transfer and Employer B while I am waiting to file my I-485.


Haven’t your Employer already informed USCIS by filing your H1B transfer?

I140 has nothing to do with H1B Transfer unless you have used 6 years quota.

Hi Anil, Thanks for your response. Let me explain the situation little bit in detail.

I filled EB1A I-140 myself while I was on H1B with company “A”. Then my new employer “B” filed my H1B transfer and got approved from USCIS. After that I joined company “B”.

Now my EB1A I-140 got approved. So, Do I need to inform USCIS about my H1B transfer or it is not necessary (because I was with company “A” when I filled EB1A I-140).