Do I require a ACS re-assessment before 189 visa lodgement?

Dear Anil,

I got my ACS skills assessment in 2019. After few months I changed job and gained more experience. Now the new work experience (few months) after ACS skills assessment gives me additional 5 points. I included this new experience in the EOI. But in the skills assessment the new work experience is not there. I received 189 invitation on March 12th, 2020 but I do not have a new skills assessment at the moment.

  1. Do I need to apply for a new ACS skills assessment before I lodge my visa application for 189 visa?

  2. Since the new ACS skills assessment policy require payslips/tax returns for all employment I will need some time to collect these documents between 2011-2015. Therefore, I guess the ACS new skills assessment document may not be ready by the time I apply for the visa after invitation on March 12th. (I have 60 days to apply for visa)

The new work experience (just 3 months only) will help me to complete 8y and give me 5 points. Since it’s a very short time if I do not submit a new ACS re-assessment, is there a chance of visa refusal?

  1. If I do not submit a new ACS assessment but just submit all experience letters, payslips, tax slips for the new experience I gained will the case officer be satisfied? In your experience what is the best I can do?

Your suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Frank_Perera

You do need a new ACS assessment. Visa officer can deny your application if they think that your new experience does not qualify for points.

I don’t suggest to take that risk as you will lose all your visa fees and valuable time.

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@Anil.Gupta Thank you Anil. I will proceed for the new ACS assessment…