Do kids need new US visa stamp after passport renewal?


My daughter is 4yrs old and her passport is expiring soon. Her current passport has a dependent visa stamped.

  1. Is there any minimum time prior to expiry that the passport renewal request can be placed? i.e. for her passport expiring soon, can I apply for passport renewal now?
  2. After passport renewal will she need to get the visa stamped again in the new passport?


  1. You can apply for renewal 1 year before expiry.
  2. No, Visa is not required to be stamped again in new passport. You will have to carry both old and new passport whenever you travel. The Visa, if still has validity left, is acceptable at port of entry in USA.
    This is normal and happens pretty often with everybody as visa and passport expiry cannot be synced.
    So, don’t worry.