Do my H1B employer have any right to cancel my wife H4 EAD or she can still work?

Hi anil.

I am working for employer A as full time on h1b.My wife is also working for my employer A on h4 Ead.
My job is going to lay off next month end . My I-140 is also with employer A and had approved in Nov 2017
My wife’s H4 and H4 ead are still valid until May 2022.
Do my employer A have any right to cancel my wife H4 ead or she can still work ?
Please advice

Your employer has no right to cancel H4 EAD. Employer can only withdraw H1B and not H4 EAD.

But, as soon as you lose your H1B status, your dependents lose H4 status and hence, H4 cannot work using H4 EAD even though it is valid on the face of it.

If you are in H1B 60 day grace period after lay off, H4 should be able to work till 60th day.

ok thanks anil. But if any employer filed my h1b transfer before layoff . My wife h4 n H4 Ead are good ? my wife can still work on H4 EAD?

Filing transfer before layoff does not matter.

i need to get approval or receipt number is also fine to keep my wife’s h4 and H4 EAD ?

Hi @sasikanth_dasari

I don’t understand your question. What do you mean by ‘keep h4 and H4 ead’?

i mean how many days to keep my wife h4 and h4 EAD status active ?
my current company gave end of august my job is going to be laid off.
if any employer filed my h1b transfer before end of august ? I am good or i need to file h4 again ?

Hi @sasikanth_dasari

I have written about your scenario for filing H4 EAD in case of H1B transfer here. Please read: