Do we file H4 transfer with H1B transfer if Wife is in India?


I am changing the employer from A to B. Employer B is applying for H1B transfer using premium processing. My wife is in India. Her visa stamping is based on old employment. I have two concerns.
Do I need to apply for her H4 transfer even though her current H4 is valid for next 1.5 years?
Can I join new employer (15 days) before my wife arrives in USA?

Thank you in advance for your help.

You cannot file H4 transfer if your wife is not physically present in US.

H4 only needs the visa stamp in their passport to enter US. The current stamp is good enough even if it has old employer name.

You can join the new employer anytime you like. Just send the approved H1B transfer i797 copy to her. She can carry it with her and show it to the CBP officer at US airport to get extended i94.

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Thank you very much Mr. Anil! :+1:

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