Do we need to pay the EAD (with AP) renewal feel again?

Hi Anil,

Bet Wishes of the New Year!
We have had a few e-conversations in 2018 and early 2019. Thanks for your time and guidance. I have a new situation at hand.

I’ve my L1-A based I-485 (AOS) application pending. My GC interview took place on Aug 08, 2019 and my I-140 priority date is July 21, 2017. I’m currently waiting for my green card. My L1 visa expires on March 10, 2020, while the EAD (with AP) that I received after we filed my I-485 expires on May 08, 2020.
My wife, who works, has the same Visa and EAD (with AP) expiry dates.

We are anxiously waiting for our GC and the Visa Bulletin, as we all know, has not shown promising signs

#1. Do we have to apply for a EAD (with AP) extension only or both EAD (with AP) and Visa (L1 and L2) for the both of us?
#2. Would you know if we need to pay the EAD (with AP) renewal feel again? (or if you can point me to a link). I tried searching a lot on the USCIS website, but there is no clear/direct answer to this question.
#3. Golden Question: what is your prediction/gut-feeling on how much more long will it take for our GC? (we both are Indian’s by birth)

Appreciate you inputs.
Bruce C

Hi @Bruce1986

If you want to use your i485 EAD for working in US, you can skip filing L1 extension.
But, i strongly recommend to extend your L1 and L2 and not use EAD.

You both will need to apply EAD/AP extension and the fees would be required.

I don’t have any prediction at this time. Have not got the time to do calculations.

Thanks for your inputs!