Do we qualify for Spouse 10 points as per new rule?

Hello Anil,

I am planning to apply for Australia PR. I am an IT programmer(Experience 8.5 Years) and my husband is an MBA in General Management (7 Years Experience).
Our job codes are under MLTSSL but are to be assessed differently by ACS and AIM.
(My code 261311, Analyst Programmer , ACS
My Husband’s 111211, Corporate General Manager, AIM)
Please help us in understanding if we qualify for Spouse 10 points as per new rule?

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Hi @Ekta_Verma

If you can get a positive assessment for you and your spouse, then you should be able to get 10 points.

I have given the points slabs with spouse scenarios here::

Hi Anil,
I have file my EOI with 80 points under 189 for Accountant Job code. This includes 5 points of Partner (with Proficient English score and positive skill assessment from CPA).
Could you pls clarify how the new partner points rule will impact my EOI points and whether it will improve our chances of getting the Invite under this rule?


Hi @AbhinavT

I have moved your question on this page as I have already answered it above. Please check the link for scenarios with increased spouse points.

Ok. But to continue on the same, this means currently the 5 points that I am claiming for my spouse, will become 10 points in my already filed EOI. Now my query is whether this will change the Date of Effect of my EOI?

Hi @AbhinavT

Yes, it is expected that date of effect will change with change in points.

Hello @Anil.Gupta @Ekta_Verma
What is positive skilll assessment? I am electronics engineer working in family business since 9 years and my wife is elec and telecom engineer but cannot show work experience. Will this scenario be considered for 10 points?

Positive assessment means that your work experience matches with your selected ANZSCO code.

The assessment company would need your work experience proof and will match it with your education and ANZSCO code. If they do not match, you cannot get a positive report.

You cannot claim points for work experience if assessment agency does not give a positive report.

Hi Anil…my wife is the primary applicant and i will be claiming points as a partner…we are both an accountant…in the point system for the partner, the english requirement is only competent, which i already have…as a partner, i want to be assessed by cpa australia…not sure if cpa australia requires the partner to be a competent or proficient in english…please help

Hi @Howard

The work assessment is separate than English assessment. Both have to be done separately and carry separate points for PR.

CPA Australia does not care what English score you have and vice versa.

Hi, my husband and I are having different job code, but all in the occupation list. Are we qualify to claim that 10 points?

Hi @Nguyen_Quynh

Occupation code in same job list one of three criteria to claim spouse points.

Hi Anil,

Education and Job occupation should be relevant for secondary applicant (Spouse) also ?


Yes, the assessment criteria is same for both primary and spouse.

Thank you for your reply.