DOB correction in Indian passport,H1B Visa & all other docs as per birth certificate

Dear Anil(@anil_am22) ,
My colleague’s DOB in her Indian Passport,H1B visa/petition,I94, Perm , I140 , Bank accounts & all records is NOT as per her birth certificate ( BC has right DOB,difference of 4 months between BC & all other docs ). Her priority date ( EB2 ) is July 2017 & I140 approved in June 2018 .

For the next stage of GC process , we understand that the birth certificate need to be submitted.
If EB3 becomes current soon, her plan is to downgrade to the same.

questions she has -

  1. Is it advisable to change the DOB as per birth certificate in all the above said documents?
    Is it possible to submit birth certificate with out changing any of the above said documents during I485 process & submit additional affidavits? If yes ,can you please let us know the process ?
    Can you please recommend the best solution ?

  2. Place of birth in her birth certificate has hospital name & the town in which she was born.
    But her Indian passport has corresponding district & state name ( different from what she has in birth certificate).
    Is this fine for I1485 process ?

Its better to have all documents with same detail. Any mismatches will point to some kind of fraud and i am sure you do not want it.