Documents dupliation for H4 Extension(I 539) and H4 EAD(I 765) filing concurrently

Hello All,
My employer has filed my H1B Extension and just got the receipt. Now, I am preparing Documents for filing my spouse’s H4 Extension(I 539) and H4 EAD(I 765) renewal together. This is the first time I am filing H4 extn & H4 EAD extn separate from H 1B extn. So, I have some questions about supporting documents. Should I really duplicate certain supporting documents such as my current I-94, my spouse’s receipt of H1B extension, Copy of my H-1B spouse’s passport etc which are required for both H4 extn and H4 EAD extn? Can I just send one copy of each of them or should I send two of each of them so that one copy is for H4 Extn application and one copy for H4 EAD renewal?

I suggest to send two copies i.e. separate ones for H4 and H4 EAD.

Send the separate checks too for application fee.

Thanks, Anil for a quick response. Appreciated.