Documents for Final invite - Will bank statements work in lieu of payslips?

Hello Anil,

I had gone through your post on the documents required to apply for final invitation. I have a small query.

My overall work experience that has been considered by ACS is 10 years. So out of those i don’t have the payslips for my first company which was the initial 4 years. However i do have bank statements showing that the salary has been credited into the account for those 4 years.

So would a bank statement for those 4 years would suffice in lieu of the actual salary slips?
If not what is the way forward.

Kind Regards

Hi @Ganguly

Payslips and bank statements are not required for final visa application.

If you really want to upload those even though not required or if have been explicitly asked by immigration officer, you can upload bank statements.

Hi @Anil.Gupta, I have small query similar like above. I am applying with my wife claiming partner points as well. My EOI has been submitted and I have gone through your post for the required documents after you get Visa Invitation. My queries are as follows:

  1. Do I need to notarize bank statements also ? – The bank officials have already attested with their stamp and signature, please tell do we again need specific stamped attestation from authorized Notary ?

  2. Do we need to notarize ITR or Form 16 as well ?

  3. For PCC and Medical certificate, can we apply in advance to save time ? If yes, can you share the links and steps to my mail ID

Thanks in advance

Tushar Gupta

Hi @Tushar_Gupta

Bank statements and income tax documents do not need notary.

Not sure why you have not submitted PCC and medical yet. My suggestion is to submit them as early as possible.

What link do you want for PCC and medical?

Hi @Anil.Gupta
Thanks for your response. I have taken appointment for both PCC and Medical check up now. Please tell me if my wife also needs PCC separately (she is secondary applicant, I being primary) and please note that she has different address in her passport as her current residential address (My Residential address)

Hi @Tushar_Gupta

Each adult needs their own separate PCC based on their own passport.