Documents required during reassessment


I had gotten my ACS assessment done. The assessment was valid till December this year.
I have not received an invite.

  1. Do I need to create a new application for assessment? is there a option for renewal somewhere?
  2. In my previous assessment, I had submitted documents as per the old rules. I had an affidavit done for each employment from someone I had worked with. I gather that the new rules ask for a Employment certificate/statement of service on official company letterhead from the declarant.
    Do I need to get these documents even though I am not changing any details from the previous assessment?

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@anil_am22 @negi
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Sorry but I dont have any information about ACS assessment/renewal.

Sneha B you can check this on ACS guide which is published in December 2019.There you can find every answer to your questions.In nut shell there should be two evidence of payment such as bank statements,Form16,Tax deduction, salary statements ITR etc.
Rules and responsibilities certificate in case you haven’t this you cangive third party declaration from your senior or colleague.If he/she is not working in the same company then relieving report otherwise his/her appointment letter.
Pleasr double check on ACS Cite for more details and confirmation.