Documents required for 190 NSW Pre-invite

Hi Anil,

I have a couple of queries regarding NSW pre-invite.

  1. Could you please create a page for the pre-invite documents? If I’m not wrong, the documents required would be PTE score card, ACS letter, other documents used for acs, resume and photographs. Is from 80/1221, PCC and medical certificate required for pre-invite?
  2. I submitted EOI on 16th September for 263212 NSW with 90 points (85+5) and received pre-invite today. I completed 8 years of experience on 15th Sept but while submitting salary slips to claim my experience points along with ACS letter(reference letter until march end for current employer), I’ll be having salary slips until Aug. Will it impact approval for ita as I’ll be paying the fees within a week and don’t have salary slip for September yet?

Thank you.

Hi @manisha_g

Good point. I will create a page.

You are right with your point 1 with respect to documents. You need to submit all the documents for Australia PR except form 80/1221, PCC and medical for NSW pre-invite.

You should be okay with August payslip. If NSW immigration wants proof for September, they will ask your for it and then you can ask for more time to wait for Sep payslip generation.

Thanks a lot Anil :blush:.

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