Documents Required for ACS Assessment Questions & Answers

I am going for ACS assessment but I do not have my 5th semester mark sheet which I lost it long back. But in final semester mark sheet the total mark of 5th semester is mentioned.

Can someone please help what should I do?
Is it ok to go for assessment without the 5th semester mark sheet?

Please help experts.

Hi @aka

It is better you get a duplicate mark sheet from your university as ACS would need it.

Appreciate your response. Let me try my level best. Thanks :slight_smile:

@Anil.Gupta Kindly help me out with 2 queries I have for documentation process.

  1. Do the photocopies/xerox need to be in color after which I will get them notarized?
  2. My name is not exactly the same on all documents and does not match my full name in passport, do I need to make a name affidavit in this case or anything else?

Thanks so much.

Hi @Saby_H

It is recommended to have color copy.

You should get an affidavit to prove that all the names refer to one and same person.

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Thank you so much, will do so.

I received the below result from ACS. Can you please tell me how much points did i get for the experience?

Australian Computer Society Inc. (ACT)

ABN 53 156 305 487

Na�onal Secretariat

Level 27, Tower 1, 100 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney, NSW 2000 PO Box Q534, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney NSW 1230

T +61 2 9299 3666 | F +61 2 9299 3997

31 May 2019

Our Reference: xxx Mr xxx

Dear Mr xxxx

Thank you for your ICT skills assessment, which was received by the Australian Computer Society on 28 April 2019.

Your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migra�on under ANZSCO Code 261312 (Developer Programmer).

Your qualifica�ons have been assessed as follows:

Your Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from Acharya Uns�tute of Technology completed July 2014 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Master Degree with a Major in compu�ng.

Your Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University completed June 2011 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a Major in compu�ng.

The following employment a�er 19 May 2015 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to ANZSCO Code 261312 (Developer Programmer).

Dates: 07/11 - 10/12 - 1 year(s) 4 month(s)



Country: INDIA

Dates: 09/14 - 04/15 - 0 year(s) 8 month(s)


Country: INDIA

Dates: 05/15 - 03/19 - 3 year(s) 11 month(s)


Country: INDIA

While the ACS is authorised to assess ICT skills assessments, the final decision in awarding points remains with the Department of Home Affairs.

This assessment is based upon the documents provided. By issuing this le�er or otherwise, the ACS makes no representa�on regarding:

The authen�city of documenta�on provided or the veracity of content. The suitability of the applicant for migra�on or employment.

This assessment is valid for a period of 24 months from the date of this le�er.

The ACS thanks you for your applica�on and looks forward to assis�ng you with your future as an ICT Professional.

Yours sincerely,

R Grayston

Director of Professional Standards & Assessment Services

Hi @rt123

Please enter the relevant work experience in your EOI and it will calculate your points automatically.

regarding Australia Skill Assessment 189-190

  1. I have done B.Tech and do I need to create separate pdf ex. pdf 1 for degree and mark sheet and pdf 2 for degree and mark sheet?

  2. Passport also need to be attested? I attested other docs by advocate with stamp of Notary Govt of India with registration number is it fine?

  3. Is it necessary to have salary description on position description letter from current and previous company? Position description will serve as an experience letter?

Hi @anamika

Assuming you are going for ACS assessment, notary is not required for any document as per new ACS guidelines.

Create separate PDF for each education level. This means create separate PDF for Bachelor and masters.

Salary description is not required but you would need to submit payslips for each year of work experience completion.

thanks for the clarification. yes I going for ACS.

For salary PDF, separate PDFs for each company should be created ?

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Hi @anamika

I suggest to create a PDF for each employer separately.

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I have some questions. Please help

  1. Is salary slip for each month of each year required? I have been working in same company for 7 years in different roles. How should I create salary slip?
  2. I passed Bachelor in 2011. Started working in 2012. Joined evening shift Master’s program in 2013 while still working full time (so study and work at the same time). Completed Master’s in 2016 (late thesis). If I include Master’s degree in ACS Skill Assessment process… will my work experience be from 2012 or 2016?
  3. I did not get what actually is this ICT Major and ICT Minor. How can I be sure if I fall under Major/Minor. What does 25% ICT contains actually mean?

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

ICT major means majority of subjects studied were in computer science.

Payslips or salary slips are required for each year.

ACS does not count education and work experience at same time. They can only count one thing at a time.

Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

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Hi Sir,

Please clarify my queries related to ACS Skill assessment,

I had a positive skill assessment in 2017 and recently it was expired and again I submitted in Nov 2019 but I got a negative outcome mentioning - Not Assessable Due to Insufficient Documentation for all the three companies I worked earlier.
I mailed them about my result and they replied saying as below highlighted in bold,

1)Your employment at three companies does not have evidence of payment.
– I can provide all the present and before company payslips and form 16 documents as part of payment evidence. But for the first company, I was paid in cash in which I was not able to submit any payment evidence. In this case, all my first company experience years will not be considered?
In the 2017 assessment, 6 years deducted (BTECH- EEE) as I fall under ICT Minor.

2)Furthermore, the statutory declaration uploaded states you were employed until 2017. If you wish to claim employment until 2019, you will need to provide an updated statutory declaration. When a statutory declaration is provided in the event an employer reference cannot be obtained, an explanation will be required as to why an employment reference letter cannot be obtained. The declarant must provide evidence of their employment as well.


:-- Statutory declaration from the year Oct 2017 to till date (As I had already submitted a statutory declaration document for the present company from July 2011 to Sep 2017 - No need to submit again right?.

  1. An explanation letter from my employer on official company letterhead as to why an employment reference letter cannot be provided.=== If I am not able to get the explanation on the company letterhead, an email from my HR works as evidence?

Please suggest on how to proceed.

Hi @Suresh_Kapisetty

ACS will reject the work experience if you can’t prove it on paper that salary was paid. So, if you can’t prove cash payments, then you are out of luck.

You have to resubmit all reference letters again even for 2011-2017 period as this is a fresh assessment now.

I am not sure if ACS is accepting an email from HR. My suggestion is to get it on company letter head.