Documents required for Police verification?


I recently submitted my passport for renewal under normal processing here at Houstan, Texas.
I believe in next few days, I should be expecting a Policy inquiry at my India residence, so i have 2 questions in this regard:

a) Does the Policeman come physically come at your house or is it a more of a phone call? I am assuming, it’s a former.

b) If the policeman comes at my India residence, then is it safe to say that he would expect to get a copy of some form of my ID proof like PAN card or something like that?

@anil_am22 Any idea?


I am also.confused about this. My indian.address is locked. Who will provide documents to.police then, ofcourse we cant give documents to neighbours for securiyy reasons. If i give my parents address then it will be different from my adhar card address. Its very useless and confusing step of pv. How can indian embassy verify address of person if applicant is physically present out of India .
I have to apply soon but dont know which indian address to write. I want US address to be printed i have dL. Then why indian address verification is required.

Agree with you. I need USA address in the passport. Why do they do police verification in the Indian address.

Moreover we all know grassroot level of local police stations even in metro cities. Why does indian embassy relies on such incompetent department.
Which indian address did you put ? Is someone available there to verify?

Well, i can share with you what my friend recently experienced with the situation you are in.

His tenants stay at Indian residence, and he was actually surprised to get an email from a unknown gmail account asking for proof which he did sent via email, and within an hour he got an email from embassy stating that his passport is on the way.

This was few months back when CKGIS was into picture rather than VFS. Having said that I don’t think, that would probably matter.

My friend strongly believed that while the email would have come from Police guy but that may not have triggered embassy to immediately send the passport. Having said that he thought anyways he has to provide them the proof so he ended up sending the email. What was weird was the email that came from Police station had almost 20+ email id in TO section of email asking for similar information from other folks.

I am hoping that someone who recently got their passport renewed would be able to throw some light on my original question.


Hope he is not spammed. I just pray the police does right job. Smetimes indian neighbors too don’t give proper response to such enquiries. I am going to apply tomorrow . Hope no issues.

I had my passport renewed from NY embassy (Normal process) last year 2019. No one lives in the current Indian address and I didn’t change the address for the renewed address as I didn’t have any proof for the new address where my parents moved to. I did NOT
get any police verification

Anyone has recent experiences about Police verification?
My passport renewal is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate SFO since last 3 weeks and I do got email about police verification for Address where no one currently lives in India. I have provided phone number of my relative but he didn’t receive any call yet.

If you got email about PV then your relative will be contacted (unless Police decide to physically visit the address you mentioned).

If you don’t hear anything within a week (post receiving email about PV being triggered), ask your relative to reach to the concerned Police Station with relevant documents (and, may be some ‘kharcha-paani’).