Does approval from last supervisor matter or can it be from my supervisor in the first account?

Hi Anil,

I have a quick question: I have quit TCS and I am working on getting my Skill letter from them. I have worked in TCS for 5 years primarily with 2 accounts. My last account’s supervisor is not comfortable signing off/providing approval on technologies I had worked on in my first account. The technologies I worked on in my second account is a subset of the technologies I worked in the first. My manager from the first account is ready to provide approval for the skill letter…Does it matter that I get approval from the last supervisor or can it be from my supervisor in the first account? Will the verification team verify the last supervisor details or last account details or anything like that?

HR team does not care about first or second manager. You choose one and ask for approval from him.
Once you get approval on email, you are good.

Thank you Anil…Appreciate your quick response

Hi Anil,

I am in the process of getting skill set letter from tcs. Is it necessary that approver should be my supervisor or can anyone approve who was higher to my grade while leaving tcs.

Bhupesh Verma

Did you read my answer above and the linked article?

Thanks for quick reply.