Does Australia Election affect Australia PR application Invite?

Hello Anil,

I want to know that is any specific months to apply for PR. I think election is near in Australia. so will it effect to our application also My husband is in C++ development will he get good opportunities in Australia ?

Thanks a ton

Australian Election do not affect your PR application process. You should apply as soon as possible if you are eligible.

If you wait and if the immigration rules and policies are changed, you will be affected.

Thanks a ton Anil for you advice. I really appreciate that. I have one more query. could you please help me.

I have calculated my points to get AU PR. I am scoring 80 points by this November month including spouse skills point.

However, I am working remotely for an Australian based consulting firm from India.

I am into HR recruitment. could you please help me know that how soon will i get my PR.

Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.


You are talking about future points. How can i estimate for today when you have not disclosed your current points?

Thanks much for your response. I am preparing for PTE exam. Also,this November my overall experience in IT recruitement would be 5 years. I might scored 80 points.i know it’s sound bad. But I just wanted have rough idea if I will score 80 points. How much time it will take to get PR ? Plz suggest.

I cannot estimate for November now as the new point system may come into effect in November 2019.

Also, it is possible that number of invitations available for 189 are reduced by 42% in July 2019.

Both these events will affect the invitation time.

Thank you so much Anil.