Does Employment reference letter & Payslip should have the same name?

@Anil.Gupta Does the Employment reference letter and Payslip should have the same name ?

Hi @ykb12345

Off course, the employee and employer name have to be same.

Thanks Anil.
In my payslips they have used the sort name ( First name and Last name ) and the employment reference letter they have to mentioned the Full name (First Name, middle name and last name). Can I submit those document for ACS ?

What’s the difference between the two names?

I think it should work if only middle name is the difference.

Payslip they have mentioned my surname and first name. But in the reference letter They have mentioned First name + Middle name and Last name… Does that work ?

Hi @nbagri I am going to file review for my ACS. Following are the documents I’ll be providing:
Employee reference letter
Educational degree and marksheets
Payment evidence as salaryslip and bank statement for those specific dates when salary was credited.

Can you tell me how many PDFs should i create as per this list. Do i need to combine salary slip and bank statement in one pdf ? Please advise. It’s my second time, can’t afford any mistakes this time. Any other document u think is needed?

Hi @guneetsaini

You can only upload max 8 files in your ACS assessment.

So, it makes sense to combine payment proof with Employment letter to reduce total number of PDFs.

I attached 2 docs per employer
1 employment reference and another one was payment evidence combined in single PDF. And make sure you provide enough info and if you have tax assessment then add those one as well. Along with that I highlighted the entry in bank statements when salary was credited

Thank you for your suggestions! Finally got my positive skill assessment :slight_smile:

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is your employer name was mentioned in bank statement or “by salary”

Did you taken color printout, highlighted by highlighter and then scanned it?