Does H4-EAD requires Biometric details/appointment?

Hi there,

  1. May I know that what is the actual USCIS application fee for H4 EAD renewal?
  2. Does H4-EAD required Biometric details/appointment ?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Fess H4 EAD = $410
  2. No bio-metric appointment/details are required.

Thank you so much Anil for your quick help!

Hi ,

My employer is applying H1b/h4 extension . After that i want to apply EAD extension.
I will apply EAD extension once i will get h1 B / H4 B extension receipt from my employer .
My question:

  • Do i need to do any biometric.
  • In case i will not get EAD extension before my EAD expire then do i need to resign from my job.