Does I-94 extension at the border give H4 status

I extended my I-94 at the border based on my husband’s H1B approval which is approved till 9/9/2025. But they extended my I-94 only till 1/14/2024 as my passport was only valid till then. Now I got my H4 approval today with a validity from 1/15/2024(The day after my current I-94 expires) till 9/9/25. My current approved H4 is going to expire on 2/6/23
I am wondering if that is a mistake from USCIS or did I already got H4 status when I got my I-94 extended at the boarder?
Please suggest what to do as my current h4 is going to expire in less than a month

USCIS must have sent a new H4 i94 with the approval. Check it.

The validity of the I-94 on my H4 approval is from 1/15/24 till 9/9/25

So I am just wondering if I have H4 status from 2/6/23 to 1/14/24 since the I-94 extended at the border has validity till 1/14/24 or will I go out of status from 2/6/23

The i94 issued at border must be showing H4. If it is, then your status is fine.

Thank you. The I-94 is showing H4