Does my US citizen son require a H4 visa stamping on US passport?

Hi Anil,

I need your help here.

I am having difficulty understanding stamping process for my H1-B Ext & H4 Ext in India.

Here is my story:

I am a full time employee (reporting directly to client) from begining of my H1-B filed and with the same client for whole H1 period.
My H1-B was stamped once in India during the year 2016 and recently I got my H1-B ext approval in Sep’2019 valid till Sep’2022 (6 years’s max) and my I-140 approved on Jul’2019.
My spouse H4 Ext approved & received a copy on Jan’2020 which is valid till Dec’2021.
My son was born on Dec’2019 in USA and we applied for OCI (waiting for OCI card).

We are planning to visit India to meet family this year, as well as for stamping.

I am trying to understand below questions:

Should be both require a stamping on passport OR just H1B? If yes, should we go VISA appointment together? Will fill DS-160 for each but should I put my spouse as dependent?

My son is US citizen by birth and waiting for OCI card to arrive soon, should he require a stamping on US passport? OR can he travel directly with OCI card to india and come back to US?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Anil

Only H1B and H4 need visa stamping.

You need to fill DS-160 form separately for H1B and H4 applicants. Both will get your own DS-160 form number.
While taking the US visa interview appointment, you can add your H4 dependent in same application and book a group interview appointment for same time slot.
The interview appointment system will ask for DS-160 number for each applicant separately.

Your US citizen kid can travel to India using OCI card and return without any visa as he has US passport.

Thanks Anil for quick response and solution. Much appreciated.