Does TCS include your India & USA or overseas dates in skills certificate?

Hello Anil,
Did T C S include your India and USA or overseas dates in the skills certificate? I am trying to get one for my 10 years experience with them but in their email they specified not to mention the country name and dates. Any clue how to include the dates for the employment with them in both countries?
Appreciate your response.

No. They will only give you one consolidated skill letter mentioning start and end date with them.
They do not give any country specific skill letter.

My immigration attorney is asking me to include breakdown of country name and dates in the experience letter. Something like… " worked in India from xx/xx/xxx to xx/xx/xxxx and in USA from xx/xx/xxx to xx/xx/xxxx" … But the TCS format mentions the start date and end date for the complete employment… Do they provide location&date breakdown on request or stick with their standard format?

TCS would not change their format. Don’t worry, it does not make a big difference.
The more important thing is to have the technologies listed, the ones that you have worked on .