Does USCIS issue receipt number for i485 interfiling?

Hi Anil,

MY PD was May2009 EB2. Recently applied and approved EB3 as well.

Now my attorney is interfiling. Can you please explain step by step process after interfiling is submitted?

I been told that there is no receipt confirmation comes for interfiling step and it is upto uscis to accept or not-accept interfile request.

Are all these kind of downgrade request accepted?

How many days usually it takes to know about it? Do we expect any other step before i485 approval happens?

Is there any interview before? Bio-metric fingerprints were done long back in 2013 after applying i485.

Your attorney has given you right information. There is no fixed timeline for interfiling and USCIS takes the final decision.

@Anonymous_Am22tech Can you update on your experience with interfiling? Did you see faster processing?