Does VETASSESS access my total work experience - Job + Own business?

Hello Anil,

I am applying for 189 Class PR under ANZSCO Code 224711 MANAGEMENT Consultant.

I have an MBA degree in OIL and Gas and post completion of the degree i worked with govt organisation for 4 years 8 months.

Degree year 2009-2011.
Work Exp: July 2011 to March -2016 in OIL and Gas sector.

Post that, I started my own business which is a registered winery and currently working there as Director and doing all the management related stuff.

So in short I have work experience of 4 years 8 months related to my degree of MBA and post that i have 3 years of experience as Management / Business consultant in my own company.

My doubt or query is, how VETASSESS will access my total work experience, it will only consider my work exp related to my OIL& GAS MBA degree or it will also consider my business consultant experience as well , which i am doing in my own company.

Or it will not at all consider my work experience, as in last five years I have only 2 years of experience related to my degree.

Please suggest and help as I am completely confused and based on this work experience only I will be able to apply for EOI as if they won’t consider any work exp then i will be at 65 points only, on which chances of getting invitation is almost nil.

Awaiting your response.

Thanks & Regards,

I am not aware of VETASSESS process at this time and not sure if they will consider your business and job experience.

As per my opinion, they should consider both if you can prove it.

Hi Anil,
Am adding my related post.
Guide me on my Australia Immigration prospects under Points based 189 / 190 for ANZSCO 224711 Management Consultant?
Age 44yrs, Graduate, Post Graduate- Dairy, full-time MBA & 15yrs relevant post qualification experience. All 3 degrees from Institutes of repute from Indian Univ.
Does my tertiary academics be considered as Special Skill.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Tushar

It depends on the assessment. Get your education and work experience assessed and if it comes out to be positive, you will be eligible.