Doubts on who needs to apply - RRV visa

Hi Anil,

I am getting multiple sources, please redirect to me the correct answer.

  1. If I return to Australia before my I-189 visa end date ( I have already done visa validation trip), I assume my permanent visa is still valid and I don’t need RRV to extend my stay.
    Please confirm.

  2. If I plan to return Australia after my I-189 visa end date, I need to provide reasoning for time out of the country and prove I have stayed more than 2 years in Australia.

  3. Under special conditions, 2 years will be waived if I prove significant ties to Australia.

You understanding is correct.

You will need RRV visa after the 189’s 5 year visa and only if you want to travel out of Australia.

If you enter back in Australia after 5 years and do not want to travel, you do not need RRV visa.

Appreciate your response. Do we need to apply any extension or we can stay indefinite unless we plan to travel out of australia ?

Did you read my answer?