Downgrade and possible to revoke application?


Can someone please advise if Eb2 to Eb3 downgrade I140 needs to be filed by employer or can we do it ourselves? Also, can an employer revoke a GC application after I140 is approved if one needs to switch job for different reasons?



i140 can only be filed by an employer.

Thanks @anil_am22 . Can you please clarify about other question as well ? IF an employer can revoke GC application and if that approved I140 becomes invalid and also cause difficulty in transferring visa to a new job?

if 180 days passed after I140 approval, you should be good normally; unless uscis finds any fraud/misrepresentation and revoke it.

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Hi, thank you. So, this 180 days rule is there even if I140 is done by current employer? I got I140 from previous employer but changed job 3 years back and now current employer filed it. Also, if I need to change job before this 180 days, can new employer still file or I loose the position and start again all over and PD will not be the old one?