Driving after moving to a diffrent state with H1B extension result awaiting

Hi All,

My i94 validity comes to an end by 2nd week of August 2021. My drivers license validity for state of Tennessee also ends the same time. H1B extension application has been filed. I will have to move to Texas as new LCA is filed for that location. I will be landing in Texas with an expired drivers license from a different state.
Is there any option available for me to drive a car in Texas or will I have to wait till I get the extension request approved?

Any advice/suggestion will be of great help for me moving with family to a unknown state.

Texas law does not allow you to drive without a valid license.

Also, you will have to give the driving test again in Texas as Texas law does not renew license from other states if it has already expired! You are treated as new driving license applicant.

You are in for a big surprise as the process is long and including written test and appointments are difficult to get.

Thanks Anil for the reply. If I get a DL extension from Tennessee using save check after receiving the extension receipt, will I be able to show that license in Texas and drive a Car for one or two months?

You can drive with out of state license in Texas for upto 90 days as per official rule.

But, there is no one stopping you from using it more than that as long as the license is valid.

Thanks a lot Anil.

To get a drivers license extension during h1b extension processing period - will a scanned copy of the receipt notice be fine or should original of receipt needs to be submitted at DMV?

Original is better. They will also run a SAVe check with USCIS.

Also, the driving license extension rule varies with each state. Some give license and some not during the period of pending extension.