Driving license renewal

You are amazing! Can you clarify doubts on realid and driving license renewal for h1b

Some questions i have

  1. is it okay to have different address than LCA address while renewing driving license? This is because My work place is 100 miles away from my permanent house address , i work from my work place and gave that address for LCA but prefer to have all addresses directed to my home address 100 miles away. Now that there is a immigration check - is it okay to have different address or it can attract uscis visit after renewal etc

  2. is real id required for h1b - or we can carry valid indian passport and in that case during domestic air travel absolutely no other need for real id


@AM22Tech_Admin kindly help with above question.

Its your choice to have real id or not. You can certainly use your passport instead of real id.

@anil_am22 can you kindly check my question no 1) above

Driving license address can be any. There is no evidence that USCIS looks into any information from DMV.

@anil_am22 i think you mean to say “there is NO evidence” in your answer above. is that correct

Yep… sorry for typo. Fixed it.