Dropbox and CA Slots Open in India

All - Lots of slots have opened up for Dropbox and CA in India. Generally, it’s from Jan’22 end onwards. Hyd and Del are showing maximum availability.

Good luck!


i am eligible for dropbox, but i am only able to see VAC appoinments. i asume i should be seeing IW appointments. can you please advise what may be the issue ?

Some changes were done in the systems in the last week of Nov’21, due to which we do not get to see ‘IW’ anymore in the dropdown. You see VAC. When you select any available date and hit ‘confirm’, the next screen shows Appointment Confirmation’ (unlike CA, where the next screen shows dates for Interview/CA).

Also, you can click ‘Appointment History’ and Visa Priority there will show ‘Interview Waver’.

@AM22Tech_Admin @anil_am22: FYI



thank you Pankaj. will go ahead and book it.