Dropbox appointment changes starting Sep 1


I have an Interview waiver confirmation letter for dropbox (scheduled it before Aug 31). I was planning to dropoff the docs on 1st week of october but with recent changes, I can only do so on or before Sep 30. This means I need to either drop-off before Sep 30 or schedule a new appointment.

I don’t want to prepone my travel and I’m hesitant to start a new application on ustraveldocs for scheduling a dropbox appointment as the availability are not displayed in advance.

Has anyone redone their dropbox appointments and what was your experience on the ustraveldocs website?
Also, there is no way to cancel the interview waiver confirmation letter so if I start a new application to check the dropbox dates availability, will that be considered that I canceled my previous no appointment dropbox letter?

Hi @Abhay

People have reported that they are able to schedule appointment if they re-start the Dropbox check questionairre.