Dropbox Criteria 48 months

Hi @anil_am22

Currently CGI portal is directing to book Dropbox appointment only for slots available in 2022 and if previous visa has expired in past 48 months.

Is this in alignment with current policy? If not how is portal not following this current policy?

Lot of people want to book an appointment in 2022 but can’t do so as portal directs to IW slots if your previous visa has expired within 48 months.

Any advice how to handle this situation?

Thank you.

May be they know that the policy will be extended beyond 31 Dec, 2021 but has not been announced officially yet.

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Many people have tried contacting US Travel Docs helpdesk. There are have been conflicting info shared by them ranging from - don’t know, may be, yes one is still eligible if booked by 31st Dec, among others.

So, I would suggest to be prepared to change it to CA, in case you currently have opted for Dropbox and it doesn’t work out after 31st Dec.

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@anil_am22 @Diwedy

It looks like official announcement came and 48 months eligibility has been extended indefinitely.

There are lot other items in this announcement as well which could be beneficial for different cases.

Thank you.