Dropbox eligibility contradicting statements website vs app


I wish to get a renewed H1B visa from US consulate in India. My last H1B visa was issued in Canada. The dropbox eligibility tool says I’m eligible but the website also mentions otherwise (kindly search for “Am I eligible” here) - Check US Visa Dropbox Eligibility 2021 (With App) - USA (am22tech.com)

My DOB is 16th Feb, 1996 and my previous H1B visa was issued in Canada (Vancouver) on 02/09/2020 and it expires on 01/24/2022.

Am I eligible for Dropbox if last stamping was done in Canada?


You must have entered wrong information in the app.

Did you choose ‘Canada’ as country in ‘current visa’ section?

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I chose India by mistake. Replaced it with Canada and now I’m ineligible. Thanks for correcting me.

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I am in the same situation but I don’t see any option for current visa in my application. Where did you see that? Can you please help @Ritvik_Raj @anil_am22

My last visa was issued in Canada but when I filled out the application it didn’t ask about previous visa other than the same class so I got the interview waiver. Their customer support is not helpful at all. Can I trust it?