Dropbox eligibility rule


My last visa stamping was done in Nov 2017 for visa validity until Jul 2019. After that i got two extenstion

  1. jul 19- jul 21
  2. Jul 21 -Jul 24

I am planning to go to India in Sept and wanted to know if I will be eligible for drop box… even though I will have crossed 2 years by sept .

You can use the dropbox app to find your eligibility.

@anil_am22 My last H1B visa was issued in Canada. The dropbox eligibility tool says I’m eligible but the website also mentions otherwise (kindly search for “Am I eligible” here) - Check US Visa Dropbox Eligibility 2021 (With App) - USA (am22tech.com)

My DOB is 16th Feb, 1996 and my previous H1B visa was issued in Canada (Vancouver) on 02/09/2020 and it expires on 01/24/2022.

Am I eligible for Dropbox if last stamping was done in Canada?