Dropbox Group visa appointment cancellation due to Coronavirus

I have booked visa appointment for me and my family(wife and son) in Hyderabad consulate.

This is Dropbox and appointment date is 20th march 2020. My family is in India and am in USA, i suppose to travel to India on 12th Mar, however due to corona virus i cancelled my trip.

Now my question is since my appointment is group and am the primary person in the appointment, can my family submit their documents without me with same appointment?

If not, can i cancel the appointment and book the new appointment for my family using same receipt number? any other solution?

Hi @Srini_Vas

You should be able to cancel and book a new dropbox appointment only for your family.

I am not sure if they will accept only your family’s documents as it is a group appointment. You have to check with usatravels customer care for this.

If you get an answer, do share with us too.