Dropbox H4 stamping in India - wife is dropbox eligible but kids are not

Hi Anil,

I am working on scheduling the Visa appointments for my dependents in India. I face a tricky situation which would require your advice. Since our earlier visa was expired within the last 12 months, my spouse is eligible for Interview waiver program. My older kid is not eligible for interview waiver as he had received his earlier visa before his 14th birthday. My younger kid is not eligible as both his parents don’t have valid visa. Can you please guide me in this process?

Note: I had my H1B stamping already.

They all can schedule an interview together.

Dropbox can only be used if all members in the application are eligible for dropbox.

Thanks Anil for your input. But I had received below mail from support team of ustraveldocs

Please note that, each visa applicant must independently meet the renewal category criteria to qualify for interview waiver. All applicants who are eligible for interview waiver must use the interview waiver process. If one of the applicant or dependent do not qualify for interview waiver then they are required for a visa separately.

Any thoughts?

Add the member who is not eligible for dropbox on usatravels website and then add the member who is eligible for dropbox.

That way, they all can schedule and attend interview.

That’s what i know and what other people have done.

Rest is your choice.