Ds 5535 for b1b2 visa

Need to attended conference on aug 17th , my travel order n flight tickets are ready, working for us naval base.
My company applied visa for me and my other colleague, our interview was simple n he said visa is approved for both of you u can collect passport of 2 days , later I got a email saying they need more information n they attached ds5535 and other document saying u r case is under administrative process please fill request document and email us back , emailed next day now it’s on administrative process my other colleague got visa approved after 2days , any chances tht I will get visa within a month , if no I will tell company to send some 1 else instead of me . Is it worth waiting 2 more week ???
07/23/19 still status haven’t changed , passport is still with embassy
07/29/19 no update , I am thinking ,what if my conference is done , will I still get visa since it’s approved ??? Atleast I can visit next year.

Hi @Nikhil_Suvarna

Have you ever visited any middle east country like Saudi Arabia or Iran or similar country?

I work for US naval base in Bahrain , so right now I am in Middle East and recently I had visited Djibouti on work related.

It’s a travel order from my company, and my interviewer asked me also why did you visit Djibouti.

I told him clearly that it’s a travel order from company and since he knew we work for US navy, he said ok even I visited Djibouti it’s a beautiful country and he said u r visa is approved come and collect your passport after 3 days.

Hi @Nikhil_Suvarna

Has your passport been kept by US embassy or returned?

Yes it’s with them but I got email saying , if you feel it’s needed u can come and collect your passport , my passport is still in embassy

Hi @Nikhil_Suvarna

There is no fixed timeline as to when your passport will be stamped and returned to you in 5535 cases.

Hi @Nikhil_Suvarna. Can you share your visa timeline? how much time did it eventually take you. Facing a similar issue.

Can u share if your visa was issued and how long it took? facing a similar situation