DS160 - H1b revoked and applying for new visa

I am on H1b did resigned and left USA 4 months before its end date.
My employer has revoked the visa.

  1. Do i need to mention that my H1b is revoked in DS160 if I apply for new visa?
  2. why my employer has to revoke the visa?

Please read this article about what you should write for DS 160 question about visa revoked.

I had gone through the link.

I was filling ds160 and my particular question is -
Has your U.S. Visa ever been cancelled or revoked?
should i answer here yes or no when my h1b is revoked…
I was assuming US visa revoke and h1b revoke are both different
let me know if they are same

I don’t think you have understood the article. I cannot answer the same question again that has already been answered specifically and clearly in the article.

You have to read to understand and save both my and your time.

got it . thank you for the update.