DS160- length of stay

Hi, I have question reg DS160 form.

Will my length of stay be 6 years?

I arrived in June 2016 and had 2 approvals and my current H1 expiry date is June 2022. I am going for stamping in Dec 2019.

What will be my length of stay? – From Dec 2019 till June 2022 or from June 2016 to June 2022.


Hi @priya_movva

Which question is it? Can you name the question clearly?

Is it asking for future stay or past stay? If it is past stay, then just count length from your last entry to US to today.

Actually it asked for “Previous US travel information” .

Have you ever been in US? – YES

Date Arrived : 10 June 2016

Length of stay : ?

Will this be as of today from 10 June 2016 or H1B approval Date which is June 30, 2022.

So will it be 6 years?

It should be counted from your last entry to US.

My last entry was Jun 10, 2016. and my visa Interview date is Dec 30, 2019.

So will length of stay be the difference between these 2?

Off course, that’s what i have told clearly.