DU college syllabus not available online

Hi Anil,

I graduated in year 2003- 2006 from DU college, I checked for syllabus online as well as in my college for these years but it is not available… Can you suggest what can I do in this case, I need to apply for Canada visa for which I need attested marksheet from uni. Please help.

You can simply write all subject names on a plain piece of paper yourself and then submit it.

But I don’t remember all the subject names and its only mentioned in second year marksheet.

Well, if you do not remember all’s ubjects, then you can write whatever subjects you know.

I believe if DU was doing it in 1999, they should be printing it on mark sheets issued in 2003 - 06 too.

Agree, but my college only gave me DU marksheet in second year,
for 1st and 3rd year y marksheet is issued from college :frowning:

Was your college affiliated with DU or not?
If it was indeed a DU college, DU examination department should have your mark sheets.
You never tried to ask or clarify it?

Hi Anil, well I passed out from Janki Devi college in Sociology Hons. For First Y the marksheet was issued from college, 2nd it was given directly on DU sheet and in third year again it was issued by college. I am really not sure why I didn’t pay any attention on this at that time. I have DU degree. Now when I have to use it that when I am releasing. I am stuck :frowning:

If your exams were held by DU examinations, then they will have your mark sheet data.
You can try requesting the transcripts and see what happens.
I do not know if there is any other option available.