Due to Changes in invitation round, Will age factor creates problem

HI Anil,

I have a question on the current changes that are implemented on the invitation round.

Next invitation round is 2021 April.

I applied for EOI on Feb month 2021 and getting points with age factor point of 30

189 Visa: 65
190 Visa :70

Now in March I will turn 33 so age point criteria changes but will that change my EOI automatically , Also Due to quarterly round will this also affect age points as some one applied for EOI but due to changes of invitation will I loose 5 points ?

Yes. Skillselect will automatically update your overall GSM scores as and when you turn 33 and you will be notified of it in your account.
Once you lose 5 points with change in your age, your scores will be reduced. You mentioned that you have 65 points for 189 so that will become 60 and Unfortunately you will then become ineligible to submit your EOI as the minimum points needed are 65.

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