EA migration Assessment - Applied for 233311(Electrical) but outcome 233411(Electronics)


I applied for the migration skill assessment with Engineers Australia.

My degree is in Electrical Engineer and recognized under the Washington accord.

They want to assign me Electronics Engineer instead and are sighting the reason “as per courses reflected in the transcript”

Does it affect me that they are assigning me Electronics and not Electrical? I understand that the ANZSCO code would be 233411and not 233311.


I don’t think it would affect other than your ANZSCO code would be different.

Thank you for your reply. Is there a different points cut off right now between those 2 codes? I know Electronics Engineers need 80-85 currently. Might increase after November.

I complete 3 years of work experience in February 2020.
Should I wait for Feb to apply for work experience evaluation or can I go ahead with it now itself?

I know I don’t need to get my work experience evaluated from Engineers Australia(EA) and IMMI will do their own diligence while giving points for that but is it advisable to get it done from EA as well?

Really appreciate your quick turnaround!


Hi @zoltrex20

Getting the assessment is always a good idea to avoid any surprises later.

I suggest to create EOI as early as possible. The work experience points will increase automatically if you keep the current employment’s end date blank.

Got it, will submit an EOI as soon as possible but will get my work assessment when I complete 3 years.

Is there a different cut-off of points for Electrical vs Electronics Engineers?
I will have 75 points after the November change and potentially 80 in Feb 2020 if my work assessment comes out to be positive.

Thanks again!

There is a different cut off for each ANZSCO code.

Can you please tell me details for TRA process and documents needed for the same? May be it is useful for many if you do a list and am applying as a Electrician Special Class. As i heard it is a very vast process. If you do so it may be useful for lots of person. Am going to write my IELTS and i think for TRA IELTS is not necessary we can start the process before exam side-by-side, IELTS only for visa process if you’re in assessment in TRA. Correct me if am wrong and Expecting a Topic separately on this. Thanks in advance. Am from India right now working in SAUDI.