EAD delivered by USPS but uscis shows card was returned

Hi Guys My EAD was delivered by USPS but then on the USCIS website it shows card was returned back to uscis. What can I do now can I join with the current card and call usics at a later stage.

Looks like a USCIS case status update glitch. I wont worry about this as you have already received the card.

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Thanks, Kalpesh, What if during I-9 verification My HR finds out this issue.

It does not matter as long as you have the real card in your hand. You are fine.

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I am pretty confused because in my case initially the address was incorrect and then I called USPS and after 12 days they told me that I can pick the package from the office will that be an issue? And USPS then updated delivered to original sender which is USCIS in this case I have my joining on June 14th so I do not want to take any chances.