EAD Denied-What is the next step? should file- 290b?

Hello All,

I am currently writing with all sorrow, i am currently on L2 Visa and my visa got renewed on Jan 22nd 2021, and my much awaited I765 got denied and got the letter from USICS mentioning i am not able to prove i am on H4 visa, while i am on L2 Visa and all the relevant documents for those been shared, the USICS did not send RFE for the administrative mistake they straight away denied my application. The application was applied through my lawyer on Jul 2020, not my lawyer is saying to Refile the case , i am not sure should i re-open file i290b or file new application for i765, i am currently on Loss of pay and i and its till Jun’30 '2021.

EAD applied on - Jul 22nd 2020
Denial update- May10th 2021

Let me know if any of you have gone through this kind of issue and how to over come this.

You can file i290b if you think USCIS made the mistake here.

Talk to your lawyer and they should be able to do something.