EAD Processing Time - H4, L2, I-485 Questions & Answers

Thanks Anil, My EAD is approved today, L2 is showing in process but may be it may also come in mail.

For others who are on same boat, My journey is

L2 COS+EAD ==> Applied alongwith L1A extension on 21st Oct 2019
EAD approved ==.> 25th Feb after 126 days

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I have applied H4ead(stand-alone, new application) with receipt date 30 January 2020 at Vermont center. When will I get my ead? Can I expedite the request?

Hi @Priyanka_Kulagude

Please check H4 EAD processing time here.


My name is Ryan Williams.

I applied to adjust permanent residence of adjust status (i485) along with EAD (i765) on 31st October, 2019 in California and I have yet to receive my EAD. My last update from USCIS was on March 5, 2020 regarding my form i-131, application to travel document.

I have looked at your database today (April 12th) regarding the fastest and slowest processing times in California for and got a bit worried seeing your slowest approved date was on the 12th November.

I have checked on the USCIS website and requested my application to be reviewed due to the receipt date to be told I need to wait at least 6 months after my application was submitted before I can make a query.

Is this normal? Have many people waited up to 6 months for their EAD?

Thanks in advance,

Ryan Williams

Hi @Ryan_Williams

There is no need to worry. Some cases take longer than others. You have done the right thing by raising a service request.

Wait for USCIS answer now.

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If the h 4 had was filed in December and fingerprinting completed in the beginning of Jan, how long will it take for the processing to be completed. What is the best way to expedite it?

Hi @Ruchita_Jaggi

Check current H4 EAD processing time here:

Use this information to expedite:

Thanks for the info. I tried to Expedite it a month ago but they denied it without even asking for documents. I lost my job because of cover but was luck enough to get another offer. what is the best way to go to ensure that I get my EAD by may.

Hi @Ruchita_Jaggi

Sorry to hear about you job loss but I don’t know of any other way.

Hi Anil, my EAD got approved. How long will it take to receive the card?

Hi Anil,

Can I know when Can I expect my H4 EAD card . I have applied standalone H4 EAD on march 15 th 2020 and received my receipt number on march 24 th 2020.

Hi Anil
I can see all h4 ead is approved for my date except 2 or 3. I have raised expedite request but it is denies so I can assume this is the reason for delay.My receipt date is Jan 31 but USCIS is approved till 23rd Jan but I can see all my surrounding receipt number is approved only status is pending who expedite the request.

I have filed L2 EAD in Feb,2020 and have not received any updates. Raised the expedite request on account financial loss but it has been denied. Any one who has filed in Feb 2020 and L2 EAD has been processed?

Hi Anil,
I read your latest blog on H4 EAD processing times. You mentioned the processing time at the California center is 5 months while the different tables you mentioned below mentions the fastest case was approved at the California Center is 7 months and 17 days. Which data is accurate the 5 months one or the 7 months mentioned in the table? Thanks!

Hi Anil,

Our H1B plus H4 and H4 EAD extensions were all filed in Jan 2020 at Nebraska center, we completed the fingerprinting in Feb 2020 and my spouse received an approval in April 2020 from Vermont center. So far both of our dependents status shows " Case transferred to another office" The attorneys have not received any transfer notice yet nor am i allowed to raise a request as it is under the processing time !!

My work is on hold due to these delays!! Any similar cases with positive results?


I have applied for H4 and EAD extension. THe processing times for H4 is 2.5-4.5 months and for EAD extension is 6.5-8.5 months.
When I apply for H4 and H4 EAD extensions together, will they be worked on at the same time or does it get processed in two separate timeframes.

My H4 EAD renewal application was accepted by USCIS Dallas on July 7, 2020. As on July 14, 2020 I am yet to receive a receipt number and my check is yet to be encashed. Is there anyone facing the same issue with the Dallas lockbox location for their applications- if yes, kindly comment with date of application received by USCIS or any further information.


Hi Anil,

My L2 EAD is up for renewal. So, wanted to check if USCIS Phoenix lockbox is operational, to courier the documents.

I couldn’t find anything online, so reaching out for your inputs.

Also, is there any change to the L2 EAD renewal process as a result of COVID-19 or is it the same as mentioned on USCIS site.

Thank you for your help


Hi @Joe

You have to follow the i-765 form instructions to find L2 EAD address.

Hi Anil,

I have applied for H4 and EAD extension one month back. My current H4 and EAD are expiring on Dec20th.
My question is will both of them be worked on togegther by USCIS? or separately?
The reason is
it takes 4 months for H4 extension and 8-10 months for H4 EAD extension for CA location. I am currently working and if it takes 10 months, i may lose my job. I would appreciate if youcan help me on this.