EAD with old employer - withdrawn i140

Hello everyone!

I’ve moved from Employer A to Employer B in Jan of 2020. And Emp A withdrew my i140 (with P-date July 2016, after 180 days) and Employer B is yet to start my GC. Should the dates move drastically, and I decide to move back to Emp A, should Emp A start the process all over again? Or will he be able to just file my i140 and i485 concurrently?

Any advice is much appreciated.

Thanks much!

Employer A will have to redo the whole process and get PERM approved first.

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Came across this information from an immigration attorney. And now I’m confused.

https://youtu.be/dDX3aDQMJL4 from 17:50

You can check with the old Employer if they are ready to reuse the old PERM.

USCIS may approve such applications.

There is no harm in trying.