EB-1C then change employer, restart with EB-2/EB-3 retaining PD from EB-1

Hi Anil,

I applied I-140 under EB-1C (skipping PERM) from employer A utilizing foreign manager position @ employer A (PD 2018/07/30, China).

1 Month ago got laid off from Employer A (I would love to stay since my EB-1 PD (Date of Filing) is now current with Employer A as of the October visa bulletin).

So starting working with Employer B via H-1B transfer. Now restarting the GC process:
EB-1C is not possible since no foreign managerial experience @ employer B.
So EB-2 or EB-3 and PERM seems to be the only options:
Reusing the PD from Employer A, For EB-3 it is almost current for me (2018/07/30 vs 2018/06/01).
For EB-2 it is far away (2018/07/30 vs 2016/10/01)

  1. Are EB-3 date going to retrogress for China?

  2. So which EB-2/EB-3 PERM should I apply?

  3. If I applied EB-2 PERM, and EB-3 PD become current (currently 2 months away), can I then file EB-3 I-140 and EB-3 I-485 at the same time using the EB-2 PERM?

Thanks in advance!

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